Fashion » Now, You Too Can Have Mrs. O's Arms
 Now, You Too Can Have Mrs. O's Arms

Now, You Too Can Have Mrs. O's Arms

blog_armflab.jpgOver the past few months, we have received multiple email missives about “FLABuLESS,” a curious fashion contraption that’s meant to suck in that loathsome droopy underarm flesh often referred to as “bat wings.” (The stretchy shapewear slips on like a shrug and rests at either the elbow or wrist.) The tenacious publicists behind these triceps wranglers have spun their pitches in every conceivable direction, from “Shape up for summer t-shirts!” to “Look great in your new fall dresses!” To be honest, it was getting a little tiresome.

blog_armflab_michelle.jpgBut those PR whizzes seem to have made a recent breakthrough. Yesterday’s dispatch broke two pieces of news: One, that the product’s name has changed from “FLABuLESS” to “Tres Sleek.” And two, that it can aid you in your efforts to look like none other than … Michelle Obama.

blog_armflab_2.jpgStill, we kinda don’t get it. How does shapewear designed to be worn under sleeves help one mimic the often-sleeveless Mrs. O? Whatevs. After oh-so-many attempts at capturing the  public’s attention, we’ll bet the Tres Sleek phones will be ringing off the hook. 


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