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 Boozy Rule-breakers at MoMA

Boozy Rule-breakers at MoMA

blog_moma_band.jpgAlthough Kim Catrall was supposedly slinking about, there were few — okay, zero — badly-behaving celebs at the Armory Show’s afterparty, held at MoMA last night. There were, however, some absinthe-fueled partygoers who ran a tad amuck, toting contraband drinks up to the second-floor Martin Kippenberger exhibit.

“But no one told us!” a woman in lace tights and a flared skirt squawked as a frustrated security guard dubbed her “disrespectful” and relieved her of her glass. Guards herded other wrongdoers downstairs, while guests who successfully smuggled booze in sipped it inches from Kippenberger’s masterwork, The Happy End of Franz Kafka’s ‘Amerika’. After a few hours of milling about and annoying security guards, the crowd drifted to the lobby, where  indie-rock band Gang Gang Dance came on. They played to perhaps not their typical crowd. “I think it’s interesting,” a white-haired man told me. “I like the electronics. But I don’t think the singer has much of a voice.”

blog_moma_party2.jpgThat didn’t seem to be the point, really, as lead singer Lizzie Bougatsos wailed into the microphone, the sounds reverberating around the museum’s atrium. While some fans pushed forward toward the stage (behind the band, a guy inexplicably waved a garbage bag flag to the beat), most of the oldies retreated to beat the rush for the coat check.

Photos by Scott Rudd

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