Lilly Parties Hard, Gets Parking Ticket

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Lilly Parties Hard, Gets Parking Ticket

blog_lillypulitzercar.jpgWalking up Madison Avenue last night, some friends and I spotted a pair of garish pink and green flowered Jeeps parked outside of the Lilly Pulitzer store.

Turns out the Jeeps, which were produced in honor of Lilly’s 50th anniversary this year, were brought out yesterday when the company’s design director appeared on the Martha Stewart Show. After the taping, the whole audience of Lilly fanatics (to get on the show they had to write letters explaining their love for the label) came back to the store for a party.

blog_lillypulitzercar_tix.jpgThere were so many cocktails and cupcakes consumed, says Tammy Tengco, the shop’s general manager, that the staff forgot to feed the meter, resulting in parking tickets.

Finally, in case you’re wondering, the Jeeps are available at $25,000 each;  a few hard-core Lilly devotees have actually purchased them.

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