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 Marketing Adventures in Williamsburg

Marketing Adventures in Williamsburg

blog_303grand_front.jpgThe Williamsburg boutique 303 Grand is not exactly what it appears to be. To mark its recent opening, the store hosted a lavish two-week festival, including film screenings and artist workshops, that closed out with a big “magic berries” tasting party.

blog_303grand.jpgAt this packed event (think thick glasses, high-top sneakers and chunky gold chains as far as the eye can see) guests were invited to sample synsepalum dulcificum (a berry that makes everything taste sweet–the latest gastonomic fetish) and then gorge on various fruits, Tabasco-laden sauces and beer-and-pickle-flavored cupcakes. Totally fun, but how does a little store like this, running on the concept of a “revolving storefront,” expect to turn a profit?

blog_303grand_2.jpgWell, it’s not a store in any traditional sense. 303 Grand is operated by Street Attack, an “alternative marketing and digital marketing agency” located in, of all places, Boston. Street Attack’s clients are the very brands, artists, and organizations featured at the store. As the company so (squarely) states on its website, “Located in the hip and trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg, 303GRAND provides brands, artists, and organizations an opportunity to create an experiential pop-up store or retail experience with minimal time or budget commitment.”

And there you have it. We can’t decide whether we are appalled or impressed. At any rate, we’re looking forward to June, when 303 Grand will be refashioned into a temporary wedding chapel.

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