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 The Selby takes Colette, talks to us

The Selby takes Colette, talks to us

blog_selby_portrait.jpgNine months ago Manhattan-based photographer Todd Selby started, an addictively upbeat and inspiring blog featuring his photos, paintings and videos of fellow creative types in their homes or workplaces. He’s shot Christina Swaim and Lowe Hutson of Obedient Sons in their color-packed, toddler-friendly New York apartment (below); pastry chef Pierre Herme in his elegantly offbeat Paris flat; and seemingly every chic free spirit in Los Angeles.


blog_selby_nalin.jpgNow, Paris’s Colette will be home to Selby’s first-ever solo show, including watercolors, video installations and, of course, photographs. And while much of Selby’s archival material will be on display, there will also be plenty of fresh work—the result of an eight-day long shooting marathon wherein Colette’s Sarah Lerfel challenged him to photograph 20 people in just over a week. (Among the new subjects are Jacques Grange, stylist Lisa Nalin (above), artist Xavier Veilhan and designer Lucas Ossendrijver.) A limited-edition catalogue of the show, entitled The Selby in Paris, will be available for purchase, along with other Selby paraphenalia.

In the spirit of The Selby, where Selby asks his subjects to complete a questionnaire by hand, we’ve asked the man to answer a few questions for W. (Click on the images to expand.)

Take a look at The exhibit at Colette runs March 30- May 2.

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