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 Our Beauty Editors' Current Obsessions

Our Beauty Editors' Current Obsessions

blog_polishes.jpgWith all the striking new shades we’re seeing, it might finally be time for a real matte nails moment.
OPI’s Matte Alpine Snow is a chalky white ($8.50,,
Knock Out Cosmetics’ Calamine is a shine-free version of ballet pink ($19, and
Zoya’s Posh is the same for true red ($6,

blog_july_beauty_02.jpgWe admit it, we are suckers for cute packaging.
EOS Organic Lip Balm looks like a little anime egg. Inside is a dome of balm the size of a jawbreaker and deliciously scented in sweet mint, honeysuckle honeydew or summer fruit. $3.99, at drugstores.

blog_july_beauty_03.jpgYes, grey eye shadow sounds very fall. But
Yves Saint Laurent’s Water-resistant Eyeshadow in Amethyst Grey has a subtle sheen and a touch of aubergine, making it as suitable for July as a crisp cotton sundress. $28.50,

blog_july_beauty_04.jpgThere’s a fair amount of humility (not to mention optimism) that goes into the application of anti-cellulite cream. But
Revive Cellulite Erasure has a rich, creamy texture that’s not too sticky, and it left our thighs feeling a bit firmer after about a week. $210,

blog_july_beauty_05.jpgLoose powder foundation seems like the last thing you’d use to hydrate skin, but
Freeze 24-7 Mineral Makeup contains a powdered form of hyaluronic acid to help draw in moisture. The foundations, bronzers and blushes also contain the brand’s signature anti-wrinkle ingredient. $85 for the Freeze & Glow basics kit,

blog_july_beauty_06.jpgThe papaya and orange flower-scented
Elemental Herbology Beach Prep exfoliating scrub has an addictive scent that takes us straight to the tropics. Containing sea salts and fruit enzymes, it sloughs away dead cells in preparation for outdoor rays (or indoor sprays). $34;

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