Fashion » Best use of a vacant car dealership we've seen
 Best use of a vacant car dealership we've seen

Best use of a vacant car dealership we've seen

blog_gallery_goround.jpgThis week, Gallery Go-Round escapes the confines of Manhattan for the leafy acres of the Berkshires. Made in the USA is a wide-ranging group show of contemporary art installed in a former car dealership in Great Barrington, MA. Pete’s Motors, which closed in the fall, used to sell Ford and GM vehicles. Through August 2, it’s home to work by such artists as Haluk Akakce, Darren Bader, Elizabeth Neel, Yasue Maetake and Leo Fitzpatrick. The non-profit public exhibition was co-curated and produced by Philip “Pip” Deely (director of New York’s Rental gallery), Cathy Deely and Kalika Farmer. The opening on June 27 drew a mix of Berkshires arts patrons and New Yorkers, and featured a performance by Michael Portnoy. Later, Cathy Deely hosted a bash at her family’s storied estate, Ingleside, which was once a favorite retreat for artist Fairfield Porter.

Special thanks to Christos Katsiaouni, who took these photographs for us.




The show is free and open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click HERE for more information.

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