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Mad Men-ify Yourself

blog_madmen_jamie.jpgI’m not going to lie, I totally entered Banana Republic’s Mad Men Casting Call last month. I thought that with my vintage Fifties cocktail dress and single string of pearls, I had a fighting chance of winning a walk-on role. But alas, Don Draper and I were not meant to share a smoke, or even the same set. However, my best friend just alerted me to this website where you can turn your very 21st-century looks into Sixties era fabulousness—albeit a cartoon version. After choosing my body type, hairstyle and outfit, I set my Betty/Joan hybrid in the appropriate scene—something far more elegant than that hellhole Sterling Cooper. It looks nothing like me, but that’s hardly the point. This game hasn’t evolved to include the verbiage I love so much from the show (I’m just dying for my cartoon-self to shoo away the kids and tell them to go watch TV, but not before they mix Mommy a cocktail), but it has allowed me to share a virtual drink with Mr. Draper, making it pretty close to heaven.


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