Fashion » Our Post-Shows Day In the Country (Complete With Shotguns)
 Our Post-Shows Day In the Country (Complete With Shotguns)

Our Post-Shows Day In the Country (Complete With Shotguns)

blog_barbour_01.jpgAfter a season spent scouring runways and showrooms for fall’s best tweeds, wool suiting  and Fair Isle knitwear, my co-worker Kathy Lee and I ventured out of the city over the weekend to indulge in a gamely countryside story of our own. While most editors were clinging to their pillows after Fashion Week, we met at Barbour’s Madison Avenue store and traveled to the beautiful Orvis Sandanona shooting grounds in Millbrook.

blog_barbour_02.jpgOutfitted in Barbour flyweight jackets and fleece shooting vests, we looked like an army of seasoned, hunter green-clad marksmen (er, markswomen?), only our sunglasses tipping us off as fashion folk. After taking in some dog-training and falconry demos, we were schooled in the art of fly fishing, Prada waders not included. The Orvis instructors patiently taught us that the technique was all about arm angles and timing, sort of like a slo-mo robot dance move with poles.
blog_barbour_03.jpgNext up was clay shooting, and yes, we were allowed to use loaded shotguns. Although some of us proved to be pretty adept at sharp-shooting, we agreed that we should all keep our day jobs. But all in all, it was a great day spent in the sun with the Barbour and Orvis teams. And hopefully we’ll be able to put our new skills to good use.


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