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 The Outsider: The Kids Are All Right

The Outsider: The Kids Are All Right

blog_outsider_banner.jpgIt’s no secret that I rely heavily on the W fashion assistants for giving me a freaking clue. They’re really sweet (at least to my face) and never laugh their heads off when I say things like, “Remind who Alexander Wang is again?”

So not only did I totally listen in on their private conversations to figure out what shows to go to this season, I just pestered them again them to tell me what they’ve seen this week that they’re really loving. You know, so I can get a little more paranoid about all the designers I don’t know about.

blog_outsider_kids_03.jpgGarrett Munce, 24 (left), who runs the fashion closet with an iron fist and never met a bowtie he doesn’t like, reported back rapid-fire. He’s keen on Rosa Cha for swimwear (evidently new designer Alexandre Herchcovitch had a strong debut, with “cool cover-ups that could definitely double as streetwear”), and menswear designers Patrik Ervell and Robert Gellar. “It’s very much my aesthetic,” Garrett says of the Ervell and Gellar garb. “Kind of dandy, kind of disheveled hipster.”

blog_outsider_kids_01.jpgLooks from Patrik Ervell (left) and Robert Gellar.

And he predicts big things for newcomer Will McLeod, a former Rodarte intern. “You can definitely see the influence,” he says, “very complicated, but whimsical.” Don’t you feel more dialed-in already? Me too.

blog_outsider_kids_02.jpgLooks from Rosa Cha (left) and Will McLeod.

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