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Ralph's gift vault

Ever walk into a Ralph Lauren store and think, OK, love the knits and pinstripe blazers, but what I really want to take home is that decorative weathervane in the corner there? Now, you can. With the launch of the Ralph Lauren Gift Vault, the designer is putting those vintage store furnishings up for sale. And he’s carefully curated the one-of-a-kind pieces according to three Ralph-centric themes: Americana, Hollywood Glamour and Estate.

blog_ralphstore_01.jpgSterling silver and 10k gold belt buckle, 1968.

The range is pretty fantastic, from traditional Navajo blankets dating back to the 1800s to Sixties belt buckles to a 1934 framed mirror inset with Native American postcards. As for jewelry, there’s plenty of it, including a ritzy Art Deco diamond and platinum bracelet ($55,000)

blog_ralphstore_02.jpg22k gold Indian cuff, circa 1850.

blog_ralphstroe_03.jpgPlatinum, diamond and sapphire ring, circa 1920.

Come November, the designer plans adding special runway items to the mix.

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