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 Talking fashion with Ashley, Isaac & Robin

Talking fashion with Ashley, Isaac & Robin

blog_92Y_02.jpgLast night, Isaac Mizrahi, Ashley Olsen and the Washington Post‘s Robin Givhan trekked uptown to the 92nd Street Y to talk “The Future of Women’s Fashion” with moderator Cindi Leive, Glamour‘s editor in chief. Topics ranged on everything from the perfect white T (Olsen) to Michelle Obama’s cleavage (Givhan) to cheesecakes (Mizrahi). Ever the performer, Mizrahi stole the show with his Class Clown remarks while Givhan offered her cerebral yet witty takes on the industry. Olsen, not surprisingly, was a woman of few words. (Sister Mary-Kate inconspicuously watched from the audience’s sixth row.) Here, some of the evening’s best moments.

On Michelle Obama:
Mizrahi: “She’s so smart and inspiring to me. Especially since she doesn’t wear a boucle suit and spectator shoes. It’s so refreshing.”
Givhan: “We have seen First Cleavage. And we have seen First Thighs.”

On Ashley’s age:

Mizrahi: I can’t believe you’re only 23. That’s horrifying to me.”

On why some love to hate fashion:

Givhan: “It’s purely cultural. People don’t put fashion in the same category as visual arts, as paintings or sculptures. People can be condescending because fashion is considered a women’s industry. Is spending $2,500 on football season tickets a waste and shallow and ridiculous? No, but spending $2,500 on a dress is frivolous.”

On how they decided on their outfits for the evening:

Givhan: “I came up from Washington and only brought a small bag so I wanted to wear a dress. And I didn’t want to wear black and fade into a big lump on stage.” (outfit: tan and black dress, opaque tights, black platforms)

Olsen: “I wanted to be comfortable.” (outfit: layered white dress, black jacket, towering maroon stilettos)

Mizrahi: “This is the only thing that fits. I am an avid cook and there are recipes I’m creating for QVC, like for cheesecakes. Every weekend I bake.” (outfit: black T-shirt, scarf and pants, felt clogs)

On trends they love:

Mizrahi: “Low-heeled shoes.”

Olsen: “I am loving my Tom’s shoes.”

Givhan: “I like being tall so it’s going to be a sad day when platforms go away.”

On trends they hate:

Givhan: “The Eighties. Bu-bye!”

Mizrahi: “Really? But I think it’s time for structure and time for bigger shoulders.”

Givhan: “That’s fine, but I have a problem with harem pants.”

Olsen: “I’ll pass on this question.”

On the future of fashion. It will be…

Givhan: “More democratic.”

Olsen: “More exciting and more fun.”

Mizrahi: “Less obvious. It will be about tiny little crazy trends that no one understands.”

Photos: Joyce Culver for the 92nd Street Y

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