Still waiting for that Gap boot

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Still waiting for that Gap boot

A couple of us test-drove some samples of the much-anticipated new Pierre Hardy boot for Gap in the office. First things first: We loved it. Although the boot’s heel is quite high (especially for Gap) it’s surprisingly comfortable.

blog_gap_01.jpgColor options are “chipmunk”  (light brown) and “new shadow” (light grey). In our humble opinion, the grey version is the one to get.

The $175 boot was supposed to hit stores today, but there’s been a delay of a few days and now we’ve been told to look for it later this week. They will be available at the Gap flagship store on 680 Fifth Avenue (at 54th St.) and the 60 West 34th St (at Broadway) locations ONLY.

blog_gap_02.jpgPhoto: Christopher Starbody

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