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 Honey, I shrunk the house!

Honey, I shrunk the house!

blog_housering_01.jpgWho knew? In the 16th and 17th centuries Jewish wedding rings were often shaped as miniature houses, symbolizing the couple’s new home together and in memory of the destroyed temples in Jerusalem… I certainly didn’t, until I met with French jewelry designer Philippe Tournaire who’s spent many years traveling the globe photographing beautiful homes. “Villa de Reve” is his collection of rings, cufflinks and watches inspired by extraordinary villas around the world. You can even get a custom replica of your home to adorn your finger. Above, Tournaire’s gold and diamond ring inspired by a villa in Tuscany.

Philippe is not the only one transforming architecture into breathtaking gems. On recent market appointments, we’ve been seeing some really amazing variations on this theme. Lydia Courteille‘s love for Paris, for instance, inspired this diamond, ruby and gold tiara (below), featuring Montmartre, Moulin Rouge and of course the Eiffel Tower.

blog_housering_02.jpg “For me, making jewellery is about creating miniature sculptures,” says London-based designer Jessica McCormack. Her latest collection, “Urban Nights,” takes inspiration from city skylines and iconic London buildings. One of my favorites is the “BT tower” earrings inspired by the British Telecom Tower (below).

blog_housering_03.jpg Each piece Turkish designer Sevan Bicakci makes is a love poem to his homeland’s cultural history. Bicakci is a master of the reverse stone carved intaglio, and this ring (below) is an interpretation of Istanbul’s domed Hagia Sophia.

blog_housering_04.jpg Last but not least: Check out this fantastic mismatching pair of earrings—a ship and anchor—by Arman. blog_housering_06.jpg

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