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 Friday's Reading List

Friday's Reading List

dior2008cruisecollectionfashionshowfront4skzzsk8yial.jpgRemember that game where you could figure out your porn star name by combining the name of your pet and the street you were born on? Well Guest of a Guest has made that diversion much more aspirational by creating the socialite name chart, where you pair the first letters of your first and last names with popular socialite monikers and surnames. It’s a clever exercise that quickly becomes addictive.  Signed, Lolly Pulitzer. Guest of a Guest

Chanel is launching transfer tattoos inspired by the fake ink seen on the shoulders, legs, and calves of models during the spring 2010 runway show in Paris. The transfers arrive at Chanel boutiques on March 1. The Cut

Was it something he ate? Jamie Oliver persuaded a former apprentice turned jewel thief to confess to stealing 4 million pounds worth of Cartier jewelry. Eater

Mark Fast has launched a new diffusion line aptly named Faster that focuses on making affordable renditions of his luxury-priced pieces. How does he do it? Faster is made in a factory in Italy, not one person knitting each dress at a time. Refinery29

Donatella Versace is auctioning off a semester-long internship for charity. Last time we checked there were 9 bids adding up to $3,200. The internship is valued at $5000. Refinery29 via FWD

Celebrity bad: Angelina Jolie is dismissed as St. John’s model because her fame ‘overshadowed the brand’ according to the company’s CEO. The Cut

Celebrity good: Bulgari debuts its new campaign featuring Julianne Moore. The pairing is almost too perfect. Could anyone else look better in all those emeralds? Fashionista

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