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 I Love Hue: Lisa embraces living in color

I Love Hue: Lisa embraces living in color

blog_lisa_banner.jpgLisa Borgnes Giramonti, the gimlet-eyed blogger behind A Bloomsbury Life is back for a second stint on our Editors’ Blog. (See her previous blogs here.) This time around, she’s sharing her resolutions for 2010—and the elegant accoutrements she’s found to help her achieve them.

Part Five: I resolve to keep moving towards color.

During one stage of my life I wore black because I considered my personality to be colorful enough. (Oh, the hubris.) Now I embrace color in all its shapes and forms. I carry a peacock blue purse. I have a weakness for yellow ranunculus flowers. And when it comes to a great shade of red, I’m a goner. Vibrant hues impart such intense joy, I think: a room becomes more alive, a wardrobe becomes more spirited, an inner spirit becomes visible. The effect is palpable and infinitely intoxicating. More, please.

blog_lisacolor_01.jpg Imagine padding around in these every morning—wouldn’t even the most quotidien household chores take on a glamorous allure? I’m ready to try. Handmade with super-soft leather and durable leather soles, these colorful babouche slippers for men and women are perfect on those days when a little added glamour can make the difference between staying in bed and facing the mess in the kitchen.

blog_lisacolor_02.jpg True confession: I’m obsessed with ArtQuiver, the new gallery that revolutionizes buying original artwork online. See something you like? They’ll ship you a free life-size print to test-drive at home before you buy. Change your mind? They have a lifetime guarantee with free shipping on purchases and returns. They even let you curate your favorites into your own virtual collection: Hall Groat II and Patch Somerville, I have my eye on you.

blog_lisacolor_03.jpg What is it about a new lipstick that puts a boost in your step and a gleam in your eye? Cult beauty maven Poppy King knows. Her Lipstick Queen collection offers delectable shades ranging from ultra-sheer tints to opaque mattes. I started my journey with Medieval, a barely-there red that made my lips look ever so slightly tinted and have recently added Rose Sinner to my repertoire, a lovely blushing crimson that makes feel like I know something I shouldn’t. No wonder it’s been proven that women who wear red lipstick smile more often.

blog_lisacolor_04.jpg If sketching isn’t your abiding passion, it will be once you feast your eyes on this stunning colored pencil set. Honestly, have you ever seen anything like it? It’s like the sculptural love child of Tom Ford and Le Corbusier. From the polished brass stand to the 25 elegant wooden pencils in only the chicest hues, I think it’s a serious design masterpiece. Architects, fashionistas, amateur doodlers – I can’t think of anyone who would be immune to its charms.

blog_lisacolor_05.jpg I’m successfully rehabilitated from my It bag addiction, but every once in a while, one comes along that makes my mouth go dry and my heart pump like a jackhammer. This is that bag. Brick-red calfskin leather, gold-tone hardware, it’s achingly elegant but not so over-the-top that it wouldn’t fit in at my son’s Little League game. I love those rolled handles and that white side edging; it’s those kinds of perfect details that get me dangerously close to falling off the bag wagon. Chloe Marcie shoulder bag

blog_lisacolor_06.jpg I know you’re all design sticklers, so come on and admit it: How many of you are irritated by those unsightly white plastic tubes on sconces and chandeliers that are desperately trying to pass for real candles? Well, an innovative Dutch company named Kaarskoker has done something about it. They make these ingenious patterned candle sleeves that instantly give a humdrum light fixture a chic new look and custom-made feel (without the accompanying price). I’m definitely intrigued.

blog_lisacolor_07.jpg I have always steered clear of beer; it’s just not my raison d’etre. Then I tasted Framboise Lambic. Intrigued at first by the color – a divine rosy red – I was struck mute by the unexpected taste: fizzy, clean-tasting and with a sweet-tartness that’s redolent of champagne and raspberries. Brewed in Belgium, it’s seasoned with fruit instead of hops which obviously makes all the difference. Who knew?

blog_lisacolor_08.jpg Oh, the everlasting appeal of a colorful soap. Portuguese company Claus Porto has been creating fragrant works of art for almost 120 years, milling their creamy soaps not three, not four, but seven times and imbuing them with karite butter and a host of natural scents like wild pansy, honeysuckle and verbena. And let’s not forget about the stop-in-your-tracks packaging. I’ve gifted my share to hosts and hostesses over the years and trust me, there is no faster way to get to the top of a guest list.

blog_lisacolor_09.jpg I am a huge fan of Timorous Beasties, the Scottish textile and wallpaper company with a Robert Burns-meets-the-Sex-Pistols design aesthetic. I have their wallpaper in my kitchen; now they’ve expanded their range to include rugs as well. This “Thistle” rug, hand tufted with the purest of New Zealand wool and manufactured by carpet god Christopher Farr, makes me want to go traipsing through the brae and the moors or, failing that, just lie down upon it and dream about them.

blog_lisacolor_10.jpg Sometimes all you need to revitalize a room is something with a little soul, a little personality and a whole lot of punch. It’s all here in this glazed turquoise jar. First, the color: if I ever go swimming in the Azores, I’m sure the water will be exactly this seductive shade. Then, the craftsmanship: I love the sculpted patterns and the streaks that give it a sense of movement and life. Lastly, the shape: it’s strong enough to stand on its own, but I can also see creating a whole tableau around it. Oh, for the love of blue.

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