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 Fashion Reigns at Kensington Palace

Fashion Reigns at Kensington Palace

British history is having a stylish moment. The Young Victoria won the Oscar for Best Costume Design, while Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland has inspired everything from nail polish to jewelry collections. Now, a few British fashion designers have added their touch to rooms in London’s Kensington Palace. The designers have created installations for The Enchanted Palace, a dreamlike, multisensory exhibition inspired by the stories of the residence’s past inhabitants.

Boudicca honors the timepiece in the center of The Cupola Room with a soundscape of ticking and chiming clocks, while mechanical-looking dresses dangle from each chandelier (below).

blog_boudicca_01.gif Vivienne Westwood has created a gown fit for the spunky Princess Charlotte, which is displayed in the King’s Grand Staircase (below). Charlotte, whose death made Victoria next in line for the throne, was immensely popular in her time–so much so that London shops supposedly sold out of black mourning fabric after she died.

blog_westwood_01.gif We are most excited about William Tempest‘s installation in the bedroom in which Victoria went from princess to queen overnight (below). His creation is a trompe l’oeil dress comprised of thousands of origami birds.

blog_tempest_01.gif These original pieces are accompanied by gowns worn by Princesses Diana and Margaret (below). The exhibit, which is helmed by theater company WILDWORKS, includes elements such as film projections and interactive theater that have transformed the palace into a fairytale wonderland.

blog_diana_01.gif The Enchanted Palace will run from March 26, 2010-June 2012. Installations will change every six months.

— Thulasi Sivalingam

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