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 This Week's Model: Tatiana Cotliar

This Week's Model: Tatiana Cotliar

blog_skinny_banner.jpgblog_headshot.jpgDuring New York fashion week, there’s one show that every model wants to walk in: Marc Jacobs. So, when an unfamiliar brunette opened Jacobs’ presentation at the Armory last month, plenty of people took notice. Some even thought she might have been one of the girls Jacobs pulled off the street to walk in the show. As it turns out, the model was relative newcomer Tati Cotliar, a 19-year-old from Buenos Aires who’s only been modeling for about a year. (Last season she did spring 2010 Rodarte and Vivienne Westwood.) Cotliar followed her Jacobs coup with turns at Proenza Schouler and Tommy Hilfiger and had just landed in Milan when we caught up with her.

marc_jacobs_opener.jpgMarc Jacobs fall 2010

Tell us what it was like opening for Marc Jacobs.
Five seconds before making my first step, I was shaking and my heart was about to exit my body. But the moment the music started, I felt in character&#8212the energy of the clothes, the music and the people. When I returned to backstage, the whole team was watching the show on a screen, and I saw how all the little details were connected and I understood everything Marc had done.

tatiana_cotliar.jpgFrom left: Proenza Schouler fall 2010; Tommy Hilfiger fall 2010

What was it like working with Marc?
It reminded me of when I was a kid and amazed by my mother’s closet, but it was also like being in art class. Everything he did, moved or touched, was logically justified ­every look, every shoe. Even at was 2 AM, and he was still functioning like new and couldn’t stop bringing ideas.

You guys were there at 2am preparing for the show?
Yeah, I was quite excited, I didn’t feel tired. I wanted to propose a pajama party! Ha ha, probably not a good idea.

How would you describe him?
He is Marc Jacobs, you know? He is a big deal, but a very cool guy. He’s relaxed and easy going.

tatiana_cotliar_5.jpgFrom left: Betsey Johnson fall 2010; Jason Wu fall 2010

How did you become interested in modeling?
Actually, when an agent first approached me, I wasn’t interested AT ALL. I only knew about modeling in Argentina and I didn’t like how commercial it was. After a while, though, I started to see fashion as an art. I love visual arts and photography.

How would you describe your personal style?
I like to make a character of myself. I avoid routine, so depending on my feelings that day, I could be boyish, feminine, sexy, innocent or quirky.

You studied cinema in school, what do you like about movies?
I’m a movie freak. I love everything ­scripts, art direction and music, music, music!

tatiana_cotliar_2.jpgCotliar, at far right, in Vivienne Westwood’s spring 2010 ad campaign

What is something people in the fashion industry would not know about you?
That I’m really authentic.

What was your first big purchase after you became a model?
More and more cheap vintage clothes!

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