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 Beauty obsession of the week: a

Beauty obsession of the week: a "genius" hair balm

Janet_Waddell_Genius.jpgI’ve never really been a fan of styling creams (I’m much more of wash and go kind of girl), but that all changed after my personal hair guru, Janet Waddell, put a tube of her new Genius Hair Balm in my hands. Part of the stylist’s new product line, the ultra-hydrating, emu oil-infused formula leaves my hair shinier and thicker-feeling than anything else I’ve tried, but without any of the dreaded stickiness.

Waddell, who in my opinion, also gives one of the best haircuts in town (she has a cozy little salon on East 18th Street and previously worked at John Barrett and Vidal Sassoon) describes the super-concentrated creme as “a hair makeover in a bottle” — I couldn’t agree more. $28,


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