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Chic Vegan Bag Alert

blog_outsider_banner_02.jpgWhen it comes to handbags, we animal lovers cannot live by Prada nylon alone. And thankfully, with these stylish vegan-friendly numbers from Alexis Hudson, we have some fresh new non-crunchy options at our disposal. Dubbed Sport, the microfiber collection features five styles, ranging from a “Demi” clutch for $105 to the midsized “Sybil” for $225, named thusly because it can be worn a host of different ways. (Get it? Sybil? Multiple personalities?)

blog_hudsonpair_01.jpg According to Emily Ironi, who runs the marketing side of the five-year-old, Santa Monica-based brand, she and her business partner Rachelle Copeland weren’t exactly hell-bent on creating an animal-friendly line. (Indeed, the company’s Collection styles are wall-to-wall leather.) Still, the duo wasn’t about to look a gift-market in the mouth. “Cruelty-free was definitely one of the appeals,” she says. “We wanted to do something that was affordable, and whimsical and easy, but we also felt that making the line somewhat green, and animal-free, would have an appeal to a lot of people. We’re definitely seeing a lot of movement in that area right now.”


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