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 Opera Chic's Milan Design Week Top 10

Opera Chic's Milan Design Week Top 10

blog_operachic_banner.jpg Milan’s design week has officially ended, and Opera Chic is officially in recovery, having downed too many fried hors d’oeuvre and glasses of prosecco. While OC is busy reclaiming her city (and detoxing while massaging her feet), she leaves you with her personal top ten picks at Salone Internazionale del Mobile that made it all worthwhile.

blog_KartellShoes_01.gif1. Plastic fantastic: Last year, Kartell teamed-up with Italian label Normaluisa for a line of synthetic shoes that look like luxury patent leather. At the fair, we admired the curvaceous new Glue Cinderella, Lady and Sofia styles. (Then again, OC wonders how sweaty her toes might get.)

blog_gmcpunk_02.gif2. Pink is punk: Italian architect Simone Micheli went through a serious Sex Pistols phase, and this is what happened. Spiked fuchsia chairs for Adrenalina and a metallic, spiky coffee table for GMC Arredamenti.

blog_SpunChair_03.gif3. Spin cycle: Thomas Heatherwick showed a chair that whirls like a top. Aptly named “spun”, the vertigo-inducing chairs come in steel, copper, and wood. Clear out the cats and little kids!

blog_fiamghostchair_04.gif4. Don’t crack: Known for their glass and crystal furniture, Fiam Italia presented their “Ghost” chair designed by Cini Boeri. Made of glass, it has the solid form of an armchair. O.C. thinks this chair should come with a lifetime supply of Windex.

blog_ChefBathroomSink_05.gif5. The kitchen goes to the bathroom: The Chef bathroom collection by Marco Merendi for Rapsel is inspired by kitchen cookware and utensils, like the soup pot sink here. Just imagine coming home and finding your spouse making chicken soup in the bathroom sink, using the toilet plunger as a ladle. O.C. is all for blurring the lines, but she’ll pass on this one.

blog_TeckellFoosball_06.gif6. Too fancy for the frathouse: Teckell’s glamorous foosball table, designed by Adriano design for B.LAB Italia, is made of aluminum and crystal. It comes with a glass cover so you can use it as a coffee table when your friends are benched.

blog_marunibunnychair_07.gif7. Cute suite: Japan’s Maruni Wood, founded in 1928, presented this clean, warm, and not too “designy” chair. We love the simplicity of the wood and the iron, not to mention the very kawaii bunny ears.

blog_YamakawaRattanChair_08.gif8. Organic addict: Japan-based furniture company Yamakawa uses rattan in much of its outdoor furniture. This piece was so organic and sculptural, Opera Chic wanted to sprawl all over it. (Unfortunately her short vintage Dior skirt wouldn’t allow it.)

blog_haystacks_09.gif9. Making hay: We were so terrified and distracted by this exhibit, we forgot to check the designer. These huge forms are actually shelving systems with reams of straw that cover the skeletons, hiding your belongings from curious eyes. Very haute barnyard.

blog_PlavisdesignWoodenTub_10.gif10. Wood you? Although getting naked and sliding around on wooden surfaces seems counterintuitive, Italian design house Plavisdesign floored us with their sleek bathtubs, available in teak or cedar.

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