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 The Little Things

The Little Things

It’s the little things that count…isn’t it?  As I inch closer to my own due date with my first born, I can’t help but notice all the wonderful children’s pieces offered by some of our favorite grownup jewelers. Talk about being born with silver spoon in hand.

blog_asprey_comb.jpg Asprey’s sterling silver brush, $385 and comb, $190, both at Asprey,

blog_bulgari_toilettries.jpg Bulgari’s alcohol-free scented water, $47, at

blog_cartier_cup.jpg Cartier’s sterling silver tumbler, $450, at Cartier nationwide,

blog_david_yurman_tin.jpg David Yurman’s 18k yellow gold, sterling and sterling silver tooth box, $350, at

blog_jeanine_payer_spoon.jpg Jeanine Payer’s sterling silver spoon, $165, at

blog_Satya_Jewelry_ring.jpg Satya Jewelry’s sterling silver baby bangle, $98, at

blog_smythson_baby.jpg Smythson’s leather baby notebook, $73, at

blog_tiffany_duck.jpg Tiffany & Co’s sterling silver bank, $875, at Tiffany & Co, 800.526.0649

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