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blog_film_biennial_01.jpg Director Sean Metelerkamp’s “Die Antwoord—Zef Side” may be the most watched video to come out of YouTube Play, the short-film biennial hosted by the Guggenheim Museum (read our story on the South African provocateurs), but the other 24 finalists warrant a look too.

blog_film_biennial_02.jpg In Jillian Mayer’s anxiety-inducing film, “Scenic Jogging,” the performance artist–filmmaker chases a series of landscapes projected onto city streets. “They don’t actually exist,” explains Mayer. “These are the images a computer manufacturer sends along as generic screen savers, so even if I reach my goal, it’s a fake ideal.” Also not to be missed: Monica Cook’s stop-motion film, “Deuce,” and Terri Timely’s surreal “Synesthesia.” (

Photos: courtesy of the artist

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