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Spotlight: Elke Kramer

Spotlight: Elke Kramer

blog_elke_kramer_01.jpgJewelery designer Elke Kramer, may have, she humbly recalls, “stumbled into fashion” to begin with, but it hasn’t taken long for the Sydney-based designer to find her feet. With her jewellery adorning actress Keira Knightley on the cover of British Vogue this month, Kramer’s eponymous wares have found their way into the spotlight. While Kramer has become known for her distinctively geometric, Art Deco-inspired aesthetic, it’s the unusual colors she uses in her designs (which takes direction from botanical prints) that are the driving forces behind her line. “I spend a lot of time on the palette and find that the best color combinations come from nature,” says Kramer. “Nature has, and always will, inspire me and my designs.”

blog_elke_kramer_03.jpgKramer’s most recent fall 2011 collection was derived from, she explains, “The poetry of architecture and space. How not only architecture, but more specifically shapes and forms, can evoke certain emotions and ideas.” The layering of basic shapes in the collection, such as circles, squares and rectangles, directly reference the Bauhaus movement – in this case, functionalism inspires ornamention. So far, Kramer’s approach to, “Just do what makes me happy, and design things that I would like to wear myself,” couldn’t have worked out better – Opening Ceremony bought up her latest collection, which is now in store, and Elke has recently branched out into designing leather bags, belts and scarves as well as producing a line of sunglasses with Australian eyewear brand COLAB.


Photos: Christopher Morris

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