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Southern Hospitality

Blake Olmstead, a Georgia native and her husband Peter, a native New Yorker, made a move down below the Mason-Dixon two months ago and quickly found that among the benefits of Savannah living—the food, “luscious” squares and parks, breathtaking architecture—the real boon has been in the antiques. The couple set out to decorate their 1890 Victorian home and found themselves practically tripping over beautiful finds and great deals. “I knew immediately that I needed to share this with New Yorkers,” Olmstead says.

blog-olmstead-antiques-savannah-01.jpg “You’ve got a lot of old southern money, and tons of plantations in Georgia… objects trickle their way into the hands of collectors who don’t charge that much because there is too much to even fuss with,” says Olmstead. “They just want to get rid of things!&rdquo

“It’s a very simple formula…In Savannah, the cost of living is half what it is in New York,” she says. “It’s a lot of bang for a little buck. Collecting antiques is a way of life in Savannah. It’s a rite of passage. Instead of delis on every corner, you’ve got silver and china in the windows.”

blog-olmstead-antiques-savannah-03.jpg“Probably my most coveted find is a set of four Art Deco tooled leather purses, all from 1917 and slightly different. It’s going to be very hard to give those up!”

So this Saturday, April 16th, Olmstead is bringing a bit of the South to Brooklyn with a limited selection of vintage clothes, antiques, art, and trinkets. And in a page that’s right out of a Southern belle handbook, the sale will be held over brunch at the The Bedford from 11:30-3:30 with tunes from DJ Peter Dark.

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