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 Marios Schwab in Moscow

Marios Schwab in Moscow

blog-marios-in-moscow-01.jpgWhen Marios Schwab agreed to highlight the program at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia in Moscow, he was well aware that there might be a few obstacles. First were language barriers, then the last minute drama (a few of his models had to wash their hair in the bathroom sinks while running in from the previous show), extreme capital traffic jams, and the often-difficult customs at Sheremetyevo. When the Brit arrived in the city with his fall collection, he was grilled for four hours at the airport. But Schwab didn’t mind a bit. “It sort of built up the adrenaline,” he smiled. “But this is one exciting town and if that’s what you have to deal with, then it’s worth it.”

blog-marios-in-moscow-5.jpg In fact, the Halston creative director had long dreamt of stamping his Russian visa for the first time. “It was always a childhood fantasy to come here because I loved Dr. Zhivago,” he recalled. “It’s probably all very stereotypical but it’s true. I always imagined that my trip would start in the snowy Trans-Siberian.” The designer’s first effort outside of London inspired a packed house of 1,400 in a primetime hour. The show was delayed by 70 minutes, but the Russian fanatics eagerly and happily waited with flowers in their laps.

blog-marios-in-moscow-02.jpg After accepting the ovations and bouquets, Schwab realized he only had twelve more hours left in town. “I went to Kremlin and Red Square, and unfortunately my big museum dreams weren’t fulfilled,” he sighed. “But I’m already planning my next trip when the Bolshoi re-opens in June. I can’t wait to actually sit in the audience and then really take in the Pushkin Museum without worrying about the samples or the customs.”

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