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“Working with leathers was something I really wanted to do, but I’m a perfectionist,” says Peter Nitz. “I didn’t want to start until I had the opportunity to do it in the best possible way.” Luckily, four years ago he met an Hermès craftswoman who gave him a private apprenticeship, leading to the debut of his eponymous collection of ultra-high-end handbags in 2009. Now a broader audience can get in on the action. With designer Heike Köhler and entrepreneur Mario Margelist, the Zurich-based Nitz recently launched Van Astyn, an accessories line that melds luxury materials with somewhat more affordable pricing. (The brand’s creations range from $800 to $1,200, compared with $6,000 to $20,000 for Nitz’s namesake collection.) The bags, which will be available in the U.S. starting this month, are clean lined, hardware free—and made from the same leathers used by Hermès (

Illustration by Stina Persson

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