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 Backstory: Behind the Muses

Backstory: Behind the Muses

Photographer Max Vadukul gives us the inside scoop on these outtakes from July’s “Behind the Muses” portfolio.

behindmuses.3.jpg “Florence was a dream to photograph. I don’t like subjects who are static; I love choreography and modern movements. When I was explaining this idea to her, she latched onto it so quickly. And those long legs—they’re one of my weaknesses.”

behindmuses.1.jpg “When Jack and Lazaro arrived, they were still hungover from the Met Ball the night before, so they were happy to have the shells covering their eyes. I honestly didn’t think Yoko would buy the concept, so when she said yes, I flipped out.”

behindmuses.2 copy.jpg “The day of our shoot, every newspaper in America had bin Laden’s mug shot on page one. When we finished shooting, I said, ‘Karl, you like history. Today’s a very historic day. Let’s do this picture just for us.’ And he said, ‘I like it.’ Karl is just so cool.”

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