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 Style Notes: Asia Chow

Style Notes: Asia Chow

Edited by Karla Martinez and Vanessa Lawrence

blog-asia-chow-01.jpgAsia Chow (above) may just be one of the coolest 17 year-olds you’ll come across. Yes, the cards were stacked in her favor, as the daughter of famed restaurateur and art collector Michael Chow and his former fashion designer wife, Eva. But while this Los Angeles native’s clothes choices are impeccable—Balenciaga and Lanvin shoes and the perfect baggy jeans—it’s her old soul attitude that’s really worthy of attention. How many high school seniors do you know who still buy proper vinyl and consider Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon one of their most prized possessions?

Here Chow fills us in on her love of Leonard Cohen, her newfound passion for classical guitar and why everyone should walk to their own style beat.

Define your style in three words: Feminine, contrasty, young.

Daily uniform: Baggy jeans, with a fitted t-shirt or a concert t-shirt, and my mom’s vintage scarves.

blog-asia-chow-redo1.jpgFavorite concert tees.

blog-asia-chow-redo7.jpgChow’s vintage scarves from her mom.

Greatest hits: Besides Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, my Comme des Garçons tail jacket with pearls on the inside. My mom’s dress that she designed: bias cut silk cream dress by Eva Chun.

Preferred footwear: Black or white Repetto ballerinas, Balenciaga sandals, Lanvin satin evening heel, Converse All Stars.

blog-asia-chow-redo4.jpgAzzedine Alaia heels.

blog-asia-chow-redo3.jpgLanvin heels.

Finishing touches: Scarves (my mom has been collecting them for me since I was very young) and a gold heart necklace.

blog-asia-chow-redo6.jpgA beloved gold heart necklace.

Nighttime look: Red lipstick.

Best recent discovery: Classical guitar. I’ve always listened to classical music and I’ve been playing blues and rock music for a few years, but I just bought a classical guitar and I love the classical pieces I am learning.

blog-asia-chow-redo5.jpgChow’s guitars.

Favorite stores: I like to go to Amoeba Records to get vinyl, Books & Books in Miami, True Tone in Santa Monica is where I got my guitar from, Hermès Men’s Made To Measure Department in Paris (it’s not for me to shop but for me to watch my dad get suited).

Style pet peeve: I don’t have one. Each to their own.

Style icons: Audrey Hepburn, David Bowie, and my mom.

Last purchase: Leonard Cohen’s Book Of Longing, and about four Leonard Cohen vinyl records.

blog-asia-chow-redo2.jpgA Leonard Cohen Beautiful Losers tee.

Lusting after: A good university.

Favorite haunts: Mr. Chow; The Hollywood Bowl; LACMA; Laduree in Paris; Shinsegae department store in Korea.

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