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 September 2011

September 2011

blog-gio-sept11-01.jpgLula is a blogger who draws all the fashion people—Kate Moss, Anna Wintour, Anna Dello Russo, and me [below]— and she has become so popular in fashion circles that she’s putting out a magazine this month, filled with all of her illustrations. It looks like a comic book.

blog-gio-sept11-02.jpgThis photo is from a dinner at Cannes for the jewelry line de Grisogono. They gave out foil blankets to keep all the ladies in their evening gowns warm. I was playing around with mine, wearing it as a headpiece. I am always working, you know?

blog-gio-sept11-03.jpgWe were shooting in an amusement park for Garage, Dasha Zhukova’s new magazine, and I loved these glasses so much I did a portrait of them on the carousel horse. They’re from a brand called Mercura, which does glasses for Elton John and Lady Gaga. It’s two crazy rock ’n’ roll sisters in the Chelsea Hotel, who have been there for, like, 30 years. They are the real New York deal.

blog-gio-sept11-04.jpgI saw this necklace during Paris Fashion Week and thought it was a piece of art. It’s by an Antwerp-based jewelry designer named Heaven. So perfect.

blog-gio-sept11-05.jpgThis type of frame print was such a big trend during the resort collections, especially at Givenchy (right), and then I saw Andrea Dellal (left) outside the Valentino couture show in Paris wearing it in real life! Her dress is by a Brazilian designer named Adriana Barra, and she looked so beautiful that I had to take her picture. It was my street-blogger moment.

blog-gio-sept11-06.jpg Every time I have the chance, I write my name with shoes. What can I say, I’m crazy for shoes! I would have written my whole name if I had more shoes—and more space in my apartment.

blog-gio-sept11-08.jpgFrancesca Versace is Gianni’s niece and a friend of mine, and she just launched a new bag line. This one [left] has a nice shape—it looks like a classic Bugatti bag.

blog-gio-sept11-12.jpgI met Damian Kulash at a dinner not too long ago. He’s the lead singer and guitarist of OK Go and the boyfriend of Ambra Medda, who cofounded Design Miami. He showed me this new video for his band’s song “All Is Not Lost.” It’s so simple—just the band members dancing on top of glass—but it’s so cool. It’s like a human kaleidoscope.

blog-gio-sept11-13.jpgblog-gio-sept11-14.jpgI took this picture of Caroline Sieber at Natalia Vodianova’s White Fairy Tale Love Ball outside of Paris. They put these shawls on the guests’ seats, but I didn’t get mine. I was backstage the whole time, styling the fashion show—45 models! I was working like Cinderella, making sure everyone looked perfect.

Cannes, carousel, Dellal, Sieber, shoes: courtesy of Giovanna Battaglia; Necklace: Zeb Daemen; Bag: courtesy of Francesca Versace; Ok Go video stills: Nahirah Zakariya; Barra: CNP Montrose; Illustration: Courtesy Of Lula/ At

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