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 Week in Hair: Twisted Sisters

Week in Hair: Twisted Sisters

blog-braid-trend-01.jpg Braids seem like an innocent enough look, smacking as they do of camp nights spent brushing and folding your friends’ strands into delicate, woven tails. And to go by this summer’s epidemic of the hairstyle, maybe that’s where they should stay: in those same New England summer cabins and more importantly, on the heads of those for whom a facial blemish requires Clearasil, not collagen. But it seems the lowly plait just won’t go away. Game of Thrones (above) may be in part to blame, inspiring “Khalessi Hair Tutorials” on the Internet. The “braid bars” in certain high-end New York salons have been booked solid with women of all ages, who sport similar styles to black tie affairs like so many Heidi’s off to hike the Alps.

blog-braid-trend-02.jpgFrom left: Nina Dobrev; Kendall Jenner

And celebrities have added fuel to the campfire: Kirsten Dunst got a head-start earlier this year with a veritable laurel weaved into her updo’ at a premiere for Bachelorette. At the recent Teen Choice Awards, The Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev worked a plait into her otherwise sleek mane (would a simple blow out have been so wrong?), Kendall Jenner wore a side fishtail version and newly minted scarlet woman Kristen Stewart accessorized her usual dirty bedhead side-comb over with a small dangling braid, perhaps a nod to her medieval locks in Snow White and the Huntsman. Off the red carpet, Jessica Alba went for one of her many West Coast ambles-cum-paparazzi fests with a woven section supplementing her otherwise casual bun, lending her the air of a milkmaid. How long before we return to Bo Derek territory? Perhaps happier times are ahead: the creator of the “braid bar” has recently added a “ponytail bar,” suggesting even they might be moving onwards and upwards.

blog-braid-trend-03.jpgFrom left: Kristen Stewart; Kirsten Dunst

Photos: Game of Thrones: Everett Collection; all others: Getty Images

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