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Ear Candy: Melody’s Echo Chamber

blog-MEC_credit_Diane_Sagnier.jpg French songwriter Melody Prochet (above) and producer Kevin Parker (from Australia’s trip-inducing Tame Impala) have joined forces to create Melody’s Echo Chamber, a “psych-chanteuse” outfit firmly in the tradition of earlier forebears such as Broadcast and Stereolab. Their self-titled debut begins with “Follow You”—a song so catchy it made me stop everything I was doing in order to listen to it again and again—and then unfolds ten more tracks featuring sweeping, lovelorn vocals resting on a bed of blown-out guitars and scratchy, spooky-sounding synths. The result is a kind of intimate time warp incorporating layers of sci-fi sound effects and tape-recorded dialogue to create a world of its own—one that lends itself to multiple enchanting listens.

Standout tracks: “You Won’t Be Missing That Part of Me,” “Endless Shore,” and “Quand Vas Tu Rentrer.”

Photo: Diane Sagnier

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