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 Don’t Miss: Henry Buhl

Don’t Miss: Henry Buhl

As we approach the holidays full-throttle, there is seemingly no shortage of things to do: gifts to buy, parties to attend, issues to close, etcetera. It’s worth making time, however, for Sotheby’s New “A Show of Hands: Photographs from the Collection of Henry Buhl.”

blog-henry-buhl-01.jpgFrom left: Moholy-Nagy, fotogramm; Bayer, The Lonely Metropolitan

The exhibit, which opened on December 8th at the auction house’s New York branch, tees up a single owner auction of works exploring the theme of the human hand, encompassing works from the early 19th century all the way through the 20th and beyond.

8886-Stieglitz,-Hands-with-Thimble.jpgStieglitz, Hands with Thimble

Though the sale on December 12 and 13 leads with Alfred Stieglitz’s “Hands with Thimble,” from 1919, the auction includes works by Herbert Bayer, Man Ray, Andreas Gursky, Gilbert and George, and Cindy Sherman, among others. In the holiday spirit, 70 percent of the proceeds will benefit the Buhl Foundation, which supports homeless men and women living in New York through the Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless (A.C.E).

Today I snuck out of the office for a quick moment to view the show, and I could have spent all day there!

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