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Stomping Ground

The sudden cold weather snap means that it’s definitely time to boot up. Here, the W Accessories Department weighs in on keeping your toes warm without sidestepping style.

  • Stomping Ground - Laurence Dacade boots
  • Stomping Ground - Saint Laurent boots
  • Stomping Ground - Chloe boots
  • Stomping Ground - Christian Louboutin boots
  • Stomping Ground - Isabel Marant boots
  • Stomping Ground - Acne boots
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  1. 1/8

    “Cutouts and an open toe may not seem practical, but pair these boots with opaque tights and they will take you through to spring.”—Nora Milch

    Laurence Dacade, $1,495,

    January 2013

  2. 2/8

    “Saint Laurent has perfected the classic Chelsea boot with a stiletto heel.”—William Kahn

    Saint Laurent, $950,

    January 2013

  3. 3/8

    “The studded Chloe ankle boot is already an established it-girl staple. I love it this season in dove gray.”—Nora Milch

    Chloé, $1345,

    January 2013

  4. 4/8

    “With an aggressive metal toe and three buckles, these Christian Louboutin boots mean business.”—William Kahn

    Christian Louboutin, $1,795,

    January 2013

  5. 5/8

    “I adore these boho style Isabel Marant booties. They look great with jeans and an over-size sweater now and will be equally chic paired with an embroidered gypsy dress come spring.”—Nora Milch

    Isabel Marant, $600,

    January 2013

  6. 6/8

    “The combination of shiny leather and a pointed toe make these boots seem at once feminine and tough.”—William Kahn

    Acne, $630,

    January 2013

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