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Photo by @ngoldenberg.

The Russian Fashion Flock

Who to follow now.

With Russia Fashion Week Spring 2016 in full swing, it’s time to put names with street style faces with the help of Instagram. While you may not be able to understand any of their captions, here are the top ten Russian fashion stars to follow now.

Natasha Goldenberg
Handle: @ngoldenberg
Followers: 176K
Why: Street style star.

Handle: @tatanaka
Followers: 33.3K
Why: One stop shop.

Natalia Turovnikova
Handle: @nturovnikova
Followers: 12.9K
Why: Fashion Director of

Katia Mi
Handle: @katia_mi
Followers: 545K
Why: Filter queen.


Yana Fisti 
Handle: @yanafisti
Followers: 291K
Why: Fashion bloggers rule.

Valery Khudyakov
Handle: @lerka_love
Followers: 30.5K
Why: Pretty young thing.

Evgeniya Lokar
Handle: @sex_on_water
Followers: 50K
Why: She’s Russia’s bad girl.

Tania Prikmeta
Handle: @prikmetaa
Followers: 52.6K
Why: Who doesn’t love a pink-haired model.

Katu Mikheicheva
Handle: @mikheicheva
Followers: 32.1K
Why: She’s sugary sweet.

Liza Gysevskaya
Handle: @lizagysevskaya
Followers: 12.5K
Why: Meet Russia’s Pyper America Smith

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