Accessories » Who says jewelry can't buy peace?
Who says jewelry can't buy peace?

Who says jewelry can't buy peace?

We’ve seen some beautiful spiritual jewelry options in the market. There’s something here for just about every worldview.

blog_peace_01.jpg Ron Hami’s 18kt white gold diamond cross hoop earrings (above) are a non-traditional play on the clean and simple lines of the cross—with just enough edge and sparkle. $4,400 at

blog_peace_02.jpg A delicate 24k gold over sterling silver Om locket ring by Satya jewelry (above) can be used “as a ring of intention,” says designer Satya Scainetti (who is also a yoga instructor, naturally).  “Put something you are focusing on in the ring to help it manifest.” $88 at

blog_peace_03.jpg Jennifer Fisher’s 14k rose gold pendant (above) features a meditating Shiva. A symbol of protection and strength. $630 at

blog_peace_04.jpg The Hamsa, a popular emblem in the Middle East and North Africa, represents the protective hand of god (in Judaism) or Fatima’s hand (in Islam) and is said to warn off the evil eye. We like this delicate gold, diamond and sapphire bracelet version from Rosanne Karmes of Sydney Evan (above). $900 at 800.768.2999.

blog_peace_05.jpg Design duo David Rees and Ron Anderson of Ten Thousand things have created an array of good luck and spiritual charms that can be layered on a custom ear hook. This combination (above) features a gold Hamsa, diamond pave Crescent moon, and gold wishbone. Available at and Good Fortune Ten Thousand Things at The Plaza, New York City.

blog_peace_06.jpg To help spread the spirit of compassion, the Me & Ro 10K Gold Thousand Arms of Compassion Pendant (above) is a perfect reminder. It’s beautifully engraved on the back in both Tibetan and English. $1090 at

blog_peace_07.jpg And for those who simply want to embrace the message of harmony, there’s Jessica Robinson’s 14k gold “Coexist necklace” (above). We think everyone at the UN should have one. $900 at

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