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Daily Gem: Padma's Latest Collection

Daily Gem: Padma's Latest Collection

blog_treasure_banner.jpgOn a recent spring day, we shared a lovely afternoon with Padma Lakshmi in her lower Manhattan studio. While the new mom just recently gave birth to her baby daughter Krishna, she looked fitter than ever and was full of energy, enthusiastically chatting about everything from her trunk show at Bergdorf the next day to the up-and-coming season of Top Chef. As we sipped tea and ate samosas (homemade by her mother who had just come to town from Los Angeles) we tried on the latest pieces from her new Padma collection named Bactria, after the ancient country which sits between the mountains of Hindu Kush and Amu Darya—now present day Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The lineup, inspired by the area’s silk trade route, is largely made from gunmetal silver that’s been polished to look like slate, as well as gold and rich colored stones. Lakshmi says she also referenced oriental, Indian and Maasai themes to weave together her striking collection, which will be available at Bergdorf Goodman in August. We can’t wait.

blog_padma_01.jpgPadma and one of her latest Bactria designs: 14k and 10k gold earrings with pyrites, pearls and green topazes, $1,500,

blog_padma_02.jpgHer inspiration board for the new collection.

blog_padma_03.jpgA polished silver cuff with 10k and 14k gold dangling pods, $1,350,

blog_padma_04.jpgA 10k gold and silver snake necklace with emerald eyes and orange sapphire briolette tongue, $3,500,

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