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Daily Gem: Temple St. Clair's Stunners

Daily Gem: Temple St. Clair's Stunners

blog_treasure_banner.jpgblog_templestclair_02.jpgTemple St. Clair recently dazzled us with her fresh group of baubles inspired by patterns and colors found in Islamic art and classical shapes. Helen of Troy (left) was also a big influence—so much so that Temple likens the collection to “Helen’s jewelry box.” We love the rich jewel tones she used in her evil-eye ring and little amulet necklaces. Here, some of our favorite pieces (they’ll all be available in August) and a couple of Temple’s inspirations.

blog_templestclair_01.jpgTemple St. Clair’s 18k gold, white sapphire, blue moonstone and diamond Ottoman earrings with emeralds, rubies or blue sapphires, $9,850, at; 800.590.7985.

blog_templestclair_04.jpg18k gold Evil Eye Swivel ring with blue sapphires and diamonds, $4,950, at; 800.590.7985.

blog_templestclair_03.jpg18k gold and diamond Amphora earrings, $3,250, at; 800.590.7985, and the inspiration.

blog_templestclair_05.jpg18k gold, blue sapphire and diamond Evil Eye Rock Crystal Amulet, $2,950, with 18k gold and blue sapphire chain, $2,100; 18k gold, pearl and diamond Amulet, $800, with 18k gold and pearl chain, $1,250; 18k gold, rock crystal and blue moonstone Amulet , $2,700, with 18k gold and ruby chain, $2,100, at; 800.590.7985.

The W Editors’ Blog is going on a “Treasure Hunt” for May. We’re searching out the latest and greatest baubles, watches, jewelry designers and boutiques and will present one a day to you throughout the month.

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