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 Prada goes Pop

Prada goes Pop

blog-prada-earrings-bananas-03.jpgRemember the adorable banana earrings Miuccia Prada wore for her spring 2011 fashion show exit in Milan last September? The canvas striped dresses, crazy neon furs and embroidered monkey looks from that collection are all in store now and lucky for us, so are those kitschy earrings. At select boutiques you can have Prada’s personal favorite banana design, a playful animal and fruit resin bracelet, the bold she-devil earrings, or a pair of bikini-clad pin ups. The pieces were inspired by vibrant South American musicals and are the perfect statement accessories for devoted fashion followers.

blog-prada-earrings-bananas-07.jpgFrom left: Prada’s resin charm earrings; Miuccia Prada at her spring 2011 runway show.

blog-prada-charm-bracelet-05.jpgblog-prada-earrings-bananas-06.jpgFrom top: Prada’s resin bracelet with charms, $450, and resin charm earrings, $230 each, at select Prada boutiques,

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