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 Surfing with Tommy Hilfiger

Surfing with Tommy Hilfiger

blog-tommy-suns-02.jpgIn what is perhaps best described as 45 minutes of jaw-dropping, artful surf porn (of the highest caliber), Surfer/director Mikey DeTemple’s follow up to his 2009 film debut Picaresque follows a band of intrepid surfers as they ride the waves in Canada, Nicaragua, Bahamas, Maine, New York, and Baja. “Surfing embodies individualism and the drive to follow your own rules. I have always respected that about the sport,” says Tommy Hilfiger, who hosted a private viewing of the film last night to fete his newest line of sunglasses.

blog-tommy-suns-03.jpgA still from Sight/ Sound

True to the title, Sight/Sound, the hypnotic 45-minute film is a sensory feast, even though there isn’t a shred of dialogue. Instead, artful camera work and atmospheric tracks from bands like Com Truise, Crystal Stilts, and Bodies of Water create a seductive enough ride that even diving board-first into 36-degree Maine waters looks like a mighty tempting proposition.

blog-tommy-suns-06.jpgblog-tommy-suns-05.jpgTommy Hilfiger sunglasses, $145 (top) and $125 (bottom),

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Film stills by Nick Lavecchia

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