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blog-india-hicks-main.jpgIndia Hicks, TV host, author, perfumer, interior decorator, and mother of four is adding fine jewelry designer to her resume with her new self-titled collection. While inspiration for the “Initials” line (pictured below) came directly from her father, interior designer David Hicks’ joined H logo from his famous Chelsea shop, her fascination with jewelry is a product of English royal heritage (her mother is Lady Pamela Mountbatten). “My grandmother’s time as the last Vicrine of India, and before that even, her well-documented life as a flag bearer for the Jazz Age led her to build a spectacular collection of jewelry,” says Hicks, who also served as a bridesmaid to Lady Diana in 1981. “My grandfather [Lord Mountbatten], as the great grandson of Queen Victoria, was able to add to his wife’s collection such extraordinary things as the Star Tiara. It’s not surprising that I would venture into jewelry design.”

blog-India-Hicks-dad-drawings.jpgIndia’s grandparents in ceremonial robes; India’s father’s drawings.

blog-India-Hicks-18-carat-12mm-Initial-Pendants-w_cable-chain,-$595.jpgIndia Hicks’ 18 carat 12mm Initial Pendants with cable chain, $595

Even with such a pedigree, there is a quiet luxury to her pieces. “I follow the concept of luxury being something not always readily seen,” says Hicks, who also added embellishments to the backside of her pendants and inside of bracelets. “As something enhancing an individual’s private enjoyment of an object.” And with pendants starting at only $200, it’s luxury that even non-royals can afford.

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