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Chanel Fine Jewelry 18k white gold and black and white diamond earrings and necklace. Beauty note: Complexions get that lit-from-within glow from Chanel’s sheer but smoothing Vitalumière Aqua Ultra Light Skin Perfecting Makeup SPF 15.

Ripple Effect

Chanel's striking fine-jewelry collection meet its match in silver screen-worthy finger waves.

Chanel’s Plume fine-jewelry collection—with its cascading earrings and a diamond-encrusted bow necklace—evokes the sophisticated style of artist Tamara de Lempicka. A casual ’do would corrupt such divine elegance, so hairstylist Teddy Charles decided to go for an old-school glamour. Using a small-barrel curling iron and a touch of shine wax for polish, he created finger waves, then pinned each one in alternating directions. Hair set like this is usually just that—on temporary hold until the curls are “set” and ready to be brushed out. Sometimes, however, the best art is made along the way. “The hair looks almost like that of a statue,” Charles says. “When you keep the pins in, it’s very thirties—but in a really modern, sexy way.”

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