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Graphic Statements
Sarah Morris's Longchamp tote and Glenn Ligon's MZ Wallace tote. Courtesy of brands.

Graphic Statements

Two totes get the artistic treatment from Sarah Morris and Glenn Ligon.

With some 30 million in circulation around the globe, Longchamp’s folding nylon Le Pliage bag is practically ubiquitous. But here’s one version that stands out from the crowd: For the bag’s 20th anniversary, the artist Sarah Morris gave it a graphic look, using a detail from her painting Annual Solar Eclipse [Rio], 2013. “I like how democratic it is,” Morris says. “It was like designing an envelope.” Meanwhile, MZ Wallace has collaborated with the conceptual artist Glenn Ligon to create a special edition of its Metro Tote, the sales of which will benefit the Studio Museum in Harlem’s art education programs for teens. “‘I Am Somebody’ is the title of 1950s-era poem by William Holmes Borders, a Civil Rights activist and a pastor at Wheat Street Baptist Church in Atlanta,” says Ligon of the stenciled motif. “I chose the phrase, in part, to acknowledge the incredible role art can play in shaping young people’s lives and identities.”

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