• “While working in Brooklyn with the photographer Paola Kudacki, I kept noticing this gigantic 
hanger on a wall of the studio. When we were done, 
I did a mini gymnastics performance, and 
Paola took a photo. It was like fashion trapeze—
and I was the ultimate clothes hanger!”
  • “How cute is this model, Maria Borges? We were taking a break from a shoot, and I had her throw on
this Saint Laurent dress covered in red lips. Suddenly, she started making all these playful expressions. 
I think she looks like a cross between a doll and a Pop art painting.”
  • “During Paris Fashion Week, I only had one proper meal, with Shala Monroque and Peter and Harry Brant at Café de Flore. We had blinis and salmon caviar and Bloody Marys—the French version of brunch!”
  • “My assistant, Solange, knows I love Tracey Emin. Since I can’t afford one of her pieces just yet, Solange had this neon sign made for me 
for my birthday. We always refer to my office as a cave. I think I’ll mount it on top of my fireplace.”
  • “I found three tropical-themed brooches from the ’60s in New York at the vintage
store the Garage. I was trying to figure out how to wear them and doodled a white shirt as 
the perfect backdrop.”
  • “I’ve always treasured my copy of Coquillages et Rocailles—a book about shells, by Patrick Mauriès. One day in Paris 
I walked past the interior designer Thomas Boog’s store and saw this shell mask, which is on the cover of the book! I discovered that Boog is known for these crazy compositions—now I’m one of his biggest fans.”
  • “There were so many art references in the spring 2014 collections. This coat by Phoebe Philo for Céline totally reminded me of 
a Kenneth Noland painting.”
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