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Loving the Essentials

Valentine’s day offers a nice respite from the chaos of fashion week; and serves as a reminder that it’s always nice to give (and receive) gifts.

  • Loving the Essentials - Sugarfina candy box by Kimberly McDonald
  • Loving the Essentials -
  • Loving the Essentials - Aerin
  • Loving the Essentials - Taffin
  • Loving the Essentials - Louis Vuitton
  • Loving the Essentials - Dempsey & Carroll
  • Loving the Essentials - Balmain
  • Loving the Essentials - uniformwares
  • Loving the Essentials - NARS matte lipstick
  • Loving the Essentials - Edie Parker
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  1. 1/12

    These mini packages of assorted candy are insanely addictive—especially the chocolate-covered mint caramels. I can easily eat 20!

    Sugarfina candy box by Kimberly McDonald, $75, available at Seaside Luxe Boutiques

  2. 2/12

    My friend Paola, who spends the winter in Vail, introduced me to these cozy little boots from Italy—a few designers have even made their own interpretations.

    Ikkii Boot, $196,

  3. 3/12

    I have had my eye on these ceramic heart-shaped plates for a while—they are great for a bedside table.

    Aerin, $240,

  4. 4/12

    I first saw this bracelet from Taffin by James de Givenchy at Simon Teakle in Greenwich, and recently found out that I love you can have it engraved with a personal message in any language.

    Taffin bracelet, available at Taffin 212.421.6222

  5. 5/12

    It’s obvious I am obsessed with bucket bags—they remind me of the original Epi leather Louis Vuitton bag I wanted so badly in high school. Here is the most recent update.

    Louis Vuitton, $3700,

  6. 6/12

    A love note is always welcome.

    Dempsey & Carroll, $65,

  7. 7/12
  8. 8/12

    The Balmain pastel-colored resort collection was beautiful. And I’m not the only one who thinks so, clearly, as it’s almost all sold out! Get this one before it’s gone.

    Balmain, $2075,

  9. 9/12

    My husband always needs a chic, discreet watch for traveling, and he is going to get one for Valentine's Day!

    Uniform Wares, $1000,

  10. 10/12

    Maybe it’s because it hasn't stopped snowing in New York, but I have been in the mood for some upbeat makeup—especially when it comes to lipstick. I recently bought this NARS matte lipstick in Fire Down.

    NARS lipstick, $26,

  11. 11/12

    If you are in need of bag for date night, here is a classic Valentine's Day special.

    Edie Parker, $895,

  12. 12/12