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The Ultimate Adventure

Inspired by a recent trip to the Amangiri resort in Utah, W’s Fashion Market and Accessories Director Karla Martinez de Salas shares her 10 must-haves for an outdoorsy weekend away.

  • The Ultimate Adventure - Amangiri Resort
  • The Ultimate Adventure - Canada Goose Coat
  • The Ultimate Adventure - Nike Leggings
  • The Ultimate Adventure - Asolo Hiking Shoes
  • The Ultimate Adventure - Evening fire at Amangiri
  • The Ultimate Adventure - Theonne Set
  • The Ultimate Adventure - Chloe Bag
  • The Ultimate Adventure - Manebi Espadrilles
  • The Ultimate Adventure - Tory Burch Swim Suit
  • The Ultimate Adventure - Westward Leaning Sunglasses
  • The Ultimate Adventure - Frame Denim Overalls
  • The Ultimate Adventure - Dermalogica Sport Sunscreen
  • The Ultimate Adventure - Amangiri Pool
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    The Amangiri Resort in Utah.

  2. 2/16

    After wearing my super Canada Goose all fall, the last thing I wanted to take to Utah was a parka. This spring jacket was just the right weight.

    Canada Goose jacket, $650,

  3. 3/16

    Call them crazy pants, but these printed leggings make me easy to spot on an early morning hike.

    Nike pants, $75,

  4. 4/16

    These hiking shoes are a must for anyone who partakes in the custom-designed rock climbing exercises on the property.

    Asolo hiking shoes, $145,

  5. 5/16

    Evening fire at Amangiri.

  6. 6/16

    After a warm bath or a visit to the glorious spa, relax by your outdoor fireplace and make s’mores in this matching set.

    Theonne knit top, $199, and silk pants, $295,

  7. 7/16
  8. 8/16

    One side worked for my trip to Venice last week, and the other was perfect for Utah.

    Chloe two-tone bag, $2250,

  9. 9/16

    Get a head start on summer’s must-have shoe.

    Manebi espadrilles $130,

  10. 10/16

    This one-piece is perfect for an afternoon swim in a lightly heated pool.

    Tory Burch Swim, $185,

  11. 11/16

    I was hesitant to embrace the mirrored-lens look, but Westward Leaning has restored my confidence.

    Westward Leaning, $210,

  12. 12/16

    The new overall trend can be intimidating for those of us who are petite, but Frame makes a pair with a slim leg that isn’t overwhelming.

    Frame overalls, $300,

  13. 13/16

    This travel essential should be on every packing list.

    Dermalogica Sport Sunscreen, $32,

  14. 14/16
  15. 15/16

    The pool at Amangiri.

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