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Viva Vicenza

On a recent trip to Vicenza, a city in northern Italy, W’s assistant jewelry editor attended the Vicenzaoro and Origin Passion and Beliefs jewelry shows, where 100 up-and-coming designers presented their most spectacular pieces. Here, ten favorites.

  • Viva Vicenza - Rachel Boston necklace
  • Viva Vicenza - Lip Plus Brooch
  • Viva Vicenza - Sutra Jewels
  • Viva Vicenza - Andy Henson Necklace
  • Viva Vicenza - Wendy Yue Earrings
  • Viva Vicenza - Sophie Breitmeyer Designs
  • Viva Vicenza - Harem Royal Necklace
  • Viva Vicenza - Otto Jewels Ring
  • Viva Vicenza - EA Burns Gold Cuff
  • Viva Vicenza - Yvy Leather Necklace
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  1. 1/12

    Crafted from the stingers of a scorpion, this necklace is truly a conversation piece.

    Rachel Boston necklace, $1350,

  2. 2/12

    Although at first glace these pansies look like enamel, they’re actually real flowers dipped in resin.

    Lip Plus Jewellery pansy brooch, $50 each, by special order,

  3. 3/12

    This luscious bangle is so ornate even Marie Antoinette’s jaw would drop.

    Sutra Jewels rose gold, pink opals, and diamond bangle, $42000, at Sutra Jewels, by special order, 713.984.4987.

  4. 4/12

    Australian designer Andy Henson’s take on a classic pearl necklace is surprisingly unisex.

    Henson pearl necklace, $900, at ODD, New York, 646.559.0406.

  5. 5/12

    These earrings are a decadent interpretation of mosquitos—perfect for a luxe glamping trip.

    Wendy Yue white gold, garnet, red sapphire, rubellite, opal, and diamond earrings, $7800,

  6. 6/12

    Black diamonds add a gothic twist to this swirling ring.

    Sophie Breitmeyer Designs sterling silver and black diamond ring, $1267,

  7. 7/12
  8. 8/12

    The butterfly necklace is truly a work of art.

    Harem Royal necklace, $1700,

  9. 9/12

    A matte black finish toughens up this sweetheart of a ring.

    Otto Jewels silver and ruby ring, $164,

  10. 10/12

    This architectural, open-ended gold cuff would be a great addition to any collection of bangles.

    EA Burns cuff, $484,

  11. 11/12

    This choker highlights Italy’s long tradition of leather craftsmanship.

    Yvy leather necklace, $292,

  12. 12/12