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Under the Sun

Inspired by an upcoming trip to Capri, W’s fashion market and accessories director is on the hunt for summery travel staples.

  • Under the Sun - Capri touch sandals
  • Under the Sun - Miu Miu top
  • Under the Sun - Kiini bikini top
  • Under the Sun - Rolo and Ale dress
  • Under the Sun - Prada bag
  • Under the Sun - Calvin Klein Denim shorts
  • Under the Sun - Missoni hat
  • Under the Sun - Lisa Marie Fernandez cover-up
  • Under the Sun - Anya Hindmarch cosmetics case
  • Under the Sun - Aurelie Bidermann
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  1. 1/12

    If you can’t make it to Capri for a pair of great sandals, Bloomingdales offers handmade, custom footwear available in New York.

    Capri touch sandals, $745,

  2. 2/12

    A printed blouse is a versatile addition to any summer holiday wardrobe.

    Miu Miu top, $835,

  3. 3/12

    My friend Flavia, who always has the best beachwear, recently introduced me to this line of colorful swimsuits.

    Kiini bikini top, $155, bottom, $110,

  4. 4/12

    An injection of neon adds a pretty jolt to this white eyelet dress.

    Rolo and Ale dress, $295,

  5. 5/12

    This purple, leather bag is a fun shade for summer, and will certainly carry me into fall as well.

    Prada bag, $3,700,

  6. 6/12

    Denim shorts are a summer staple.

    Calvin Klein denim shorts, $225,

  7. 7/12
  8. 8/12

    Always pack a hat.

    Missoni hat, $225,

  9. 9/12

    The Amalfi coast calls for a dramatic cover up!

    Lisa Marie Fernandez cover up, $395,

  10. 10/12

    A fluorescent-colored cosmetics case has vacation written all over it.

    Anya Hindmarch cosmetics case, $250,

  11. 11/12

    Wrapping an ankle bracelet around a couple of times is a chic, easy way to accessorize.

    Aurelie Bidermann bracelet, $140,

  12. 12/12