Parties » The Alexander Wang After Party Was Full of Mall Rats

The Alexander Wang After Party Was Full of Mall Rats

The designer celebrated his spring 2014 collection with a performance by Nicki Minaj at the South Street Seaport

Alexander Wang has never been one to throw the standard take-over-the-latest-hot-spot-before-it-opens kind of party. And his post-show bash Saturday night strayed as far from formula as possible. In fact, Wang took over Pier 17 at South Street Seaport, a shopping mall (and not of the Time Warner variety) that is about to be torn down and redeveloped. So his celebration doubled as something of a last hurrah.

Of course taking over an entire mall (or at least the top floor) takes more preparation than booking tables at a bar. Twenty minutes after the event’s start time, when the doors had yet to be opened, the Pier was teeming with the black, leather, and denim-clad Wang devotees. To pass the time, one guest busted out the cannabis. “The party has begun!” another observed.

Two women dressed as Little Bo Peeps on acid directed the lines, foreshadowing what was to come. Once inside, Wang’s gang headed up escalators, past a year-round Christmas store and frozen yogurt court, to the party which was hosted in conjunction with Shade: Ladyfag & BRCDBR. Under a skylight they found a Harajuku fantasy. A nail booth featured kimono-wearing manicurists applying Essie nail decals. A TY KU sake bar offered bright green beverages under a sign declaring it Little Tokyo. A Hello Kitty area doled out boxes of Pocky sticks. And an arcade section was appointed with Street Fighter 4 and Midnight Maximum Tune 3 video games and a Beats by Dre grab-a-prize machine. But the piece de resistance was a dance floor boasting a laser show and a vodka bar framed by black-lit faux cherry blossoms and a gleaming red archway.

Kids sporting Hello Kitty backpacks and parasols (without any sense of irony) bopped around while two guys who described their profession as “working in nightlife” worked the room wearing horned latex head masks.


“We felt like it,” replied one of them with a shrug.

Well after midnight, Nicki Minaj took to the stage and belted out hit songs like “Starship.” Solange Knowles kept away from the crowd, chilling with friends near the bar, while an overly exuberant preppy fellow with a cardigan draped around his shoulders climbed a pole for a better view of the show (and, apparently, a few posts for his Instagram feed). It takes all types.