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  • Celebrating Global Style - Jason Wu and Miroslava Duma Jason Wu and Miroslava Duma1
  • Celebrating Global Style - Mario Sorrenti and Mary Sorrenti2
  • Celebrating Global Style - Lily Kwong3
  • Celebrating Global Style - Liu Wen and Asia Chow 4
  • Celebrating Global Style - Giovanna Battaglia and Carlos Souza5
  • Celebrating Global Style - Joan Smalls6
  • Celebrating Global Style - Mario Sorrenti, Melvin Chua, Miroslava Duma, Stefano Tonchi and Veronica Chou7
  • Celebrating Global Style - Joan Smalls and Stefano Tonchi8
  • Celebrating Global Style - Mario Sorrenti and Alex de Betak9
  • Celebrating Global Style - The scene at W's Global Style Issue Dinner11
  • Celebrating Global Style - Naomi Campbell 12
  • Celebrating Global Style - The table at W's Global Style Issue Dinner13
  • Celebrating Global Style - Helena Bordon and Carlos Souza14
  • Celebrating Global Style - Sarah Rutson15
  • Celebrating Global Style - Tina Craig 16
  • Celebrating Global Style - Maria Baibakova17
  • Celebrating Global Style - Eugena Gonzalez and Carlos Mota 18
  • Celebrating Global Style - Anna Dello Russo 19
  • Celebrating Global Style - Phoebe and Annette Stephens21
  • Celebrating Global Style - Eugenie Niarchos22
  • Celebrating Global Style - Veronica Chou23
  • Celebrating Global Style - Jessica Gomes 24
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    Jason Wu and Miroslava Duma. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.

  2. 2/25

    Mario Sorrenti and Mary Sorrenti. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.

  3. 3/25

    Lily Kwong. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.

  4. 4/25

    Liu Wen and Asia Chow. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.  

  5. 5/25

    Giovanna Battaglia and Carlos Souza. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.

  6. 6/25

    Joan Smalls. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.

  7. 7/25

    Mario Sorrenti, Melvin Chua, Miroslava Duma, Stefano Tonchi and Veronica Chou. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.

  8. 8/25

    Joan Smalls and Stefano Tonchi. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.

  9. 9/25

    Mario Sorrenti and Alex de Betak. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.

  10. 10/25
  11. 11/25

    The scene at W's Global Style Issue Dinner. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.

  12. 12/25

    Naomi Campbell. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.

  13. 13/25

    The table at W's Global Style Issue Dinner. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.

  14. 14/25

    Helena Bordon and Carlos Souza. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.

  15. 15/25

    Sarah Rutson. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.

  16. 16/25

    Tina Craig. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.

  17. 17/25

    Maria Baibakova. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.

  18. 18/25

    Eugena Gonzalez and Carlos Mota. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.  

  19. 19/25

    Anna Dello Russo. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.  

  20. 20/25
  21. 21/25

    Phoebe and Annette Stephens. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.

  22. 22/25

    Eugenie Niarchos. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.

  23. 23/25

    Veronica Chou. Photo by Sherly Rabbani.

  24. 24/25

    Jessica Gomes 

  25. 25/25

Celebrating Global Style

W hosted an intimate, rooftop dinner on Tuesday evening.

While the madness of fashion week continued on the streets of New York City, W Magazine hosted a preview of its November Global Style Issue high atop the roof of the Peninsula Hotel. Veronica Chou, Miroslava Duma, Melvin Chua, Mario Sorrenti, and W Editor-in-Chief Stefano Tonchi— a host committee that appropriately represented all corners of the globe—welcomed a crowd of international fashion insiders for an intimate dinner al fresco. “It doesn’t even feel like fashion week up here,” remarked one relieved guest over cocktails in the breezy, open-air Salon de Ning.

When guests took their seats for dinner at the grand, banquet-style table, the gathering started to feel a bit like a meeting of the United Nations—and an incredibly chic one, at that. Duma held court with fellow Russians like art collector Maria Baibakova, and street style star Nasiba Adilova, while Brazilian it-girl Helena Bordon chatted with compatriots Ana Khouri and Carlos Souza, and met Colombian jewelry designer, Paula Mendoza. A slew of international models including Liu Wen, Joan Smalls, and Jessica Gomes, sat interspersed throughout the table, each representing their respective corners of the world.

The party didn’t properly start, however, until supermodel Naomi Campbell made her fashionably late entrance. Stunning as usual in a cut-out Versace number, all eyes turned as she sashayed in and took her prime seat next to Sorrenti.

“[Tonight] has been really lovely because I got to see and visit with such great people and great friends,” said Duma. “And the biggest treat for me is seeing Baz Luhrman who I admire and adore.” The director was warmly welcomed by all when he made an impromptu appearance at midnight, joining the group for one more round of drinks over the Manhattan skyline.

    Photos: Sherly Rabbani & Josephine Solimene